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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts (Research)


School of Business

First Advisor

Dr. Deirdre O'Donovan


In recent years the academic research relating to employee engagement has flourished. Despite the increase in engagement literature, there is a gap concerning employee engagement regarding support staff categories. This dissertation focuses of the minority grouping, support staff

The research methodology for this study is a quantitative method. In addition, questionnaires were administrated to ninety support staff working in Cork University Maternity Hospital, with seventy contributing to the data for this study. Analysis of questionnaires resulted in the identification of a number of findings.

One significant finding of this research study was the discovery of an extra dimension affecting employee engagement The extra dimension is “The Implication of Governmental Decisions”. This new factor affects this category of support staff, and the all public sector workers. In addition, this dimension contributes to the outcomes discussed within this research

A related finding extends to employee engagement as a group phenomenon. This finding illustrates an employee’s ability to be engaged and how it is affected by a number of contributing topics. Engagement as a group phenomenon affects the impact employee engagement has among relating concepts and factors. Engagement as a group phenomenon is reinforced through out this body of research,

A third salient finding from this research highlighted engagement and the impact regarding a form of personality characteristics. This study suggests that characteristics of individuals contribute to engagement levels rather than work related factors being a determining factor for why people are engaged.

A fourth and significant finding within this study demonstrates the impact of the wider organisational environment. This finding illustrates that an employee’s ability to be engaged is impacted by wider characteristics affecting the organisation. In addition, this finding illustrates the role an organisational environment plays on employee engagement among individuals.

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