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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


Continuing Education

First Advisor

Dr. Angela Wright


As a consequence of globalisation, port performance and integrated port logistics have become increasingly important. Ireland as an Island nation depends on ports for the import and export of 99% of its goods. The only way that Ireland can remain competitive with worldwide markets is to have an efficient logistics supply chain. This research has examined the feasibility of introducing a port-centric logistics supply chain for containers in the Port of Cork. A port-centric logistics supply chain is a futuristic logistics process whereby the port becomes a logistics hub rather than the traditional role as a simple gateway pier for the transfer of cargo.

A qualitative research method was adopted to investigate the research question, and to address the aims and objectives of the study. The research comprised of semi-structured interviews with port customers, port management, logistics academics and a senior government official.

A positive finding from this research confirms that both industry and the Port of Cork support the idea for the implementation of a port-centric logistics hub. Another interesting finding of this study is the potential for a partnership between the Port of Cork and Cork Airport, which could prove as a major boost for the Munster area. The research has also identified that the implementation of a portcentric logistics hub will reduce the national carbon footprint. The researcher believes that this research will support the case for the implementation of a portcentric logistics hub in the Port of Cork. The researcher is also hopeful that this study will provide contribution to knowledge as there appears to be a lack of academic material which discusses port-centric logistics in Ireland.

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