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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts (Research)


Cork Institute of Technology

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Dr. Aine de Roiste


This research had two objectives first, to identify Applied Social Studies students' experience of practice placement and second, to identify their practice teachers experience of practice placement. The objectives were met by completing four Studies. To understand the context and purpose of practice placement during the education of Social Care workers the first three chapters focus on outlining the developments in Irish Social Care, providing an understanding of practice placement and the role of supervision during practice placement. The following four chapters outline and discuss each of the studies in detail and the final chapters discusses the findings in the context of chapters 2 and 3. Recommendations are made in this final chapter.

Overall the research highlighted practice teachers need for training, support and recognition for the job they do in conjunction with colleges. Students need a more structured approach to placement preparation emphasising the possibility of generalising learning from previous placement or other Social Care experiences. Debriefing when students return to college following placement may assist them to contextualise any negative emotions or experiences they had while on placement. If Social Care courses wish to remain generic there appears to be a need to increase the theoretical input in relation to care of the elderly and of individuals with learning difficulties. Finally the research highlighted the need for lecturing staff to apply theory to Social Care practice during lectures as students reported this as very helpful in both preparing them for placement and assisting them on placement.

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