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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts


Crawford College of Art and Design


The primary purpose of this enquiry is to explore the relevance of digital culture to contemporary art therapy practice in the digital age. The explosion of digital media into everyday life, as evidenced through it's impact on modes of communication and transformative societal behaviours has vastly altered how humans relate to each other and the world in which they can now live both physically and virtually in what has become known as the digital age. Silhouetted by it's emergent use within the therapeutic setting and informed by current literature, articles, research, questionnaires and interviews, this enquiry seeks to address the development and integration of digital culture within contemporary art therapy practice including problematic or contentious areas of discourse.

Through investigating the polarised debate around the historical delineation of art therapy's use of digital technology as instruments of professional practice (email, research, networking etc) versus clinical materials through lensed based media such as animation, photography, digital tablets, Apps, green screens or virtual reality software, the author will further explore the debate around traditional versus synthetic materials, the presence or absence of digital skills adoption within art therapy training, affordability of equipment and digital competence.

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