Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Engineering (Research)


Electronic Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Dirk Pesch


In recent years there has been an increase in the area of applied research for the intelligent transport domain. This surge in research has many contributing factors such as: advancements in information technologies, substantial escalations of traffic congestion and the advent of wireless networking. The possibility of collaboration among vehicles and roadside infrastructure enriches transportation systems, where the goals of improved safety, traffic efficiency and environmental benefits can be addressed. The primary objective of these Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the creation of advanced road traffic safety systems for improved traffic safety, efficiency and travelling comfort. These systems provide a reliable underlying communications infrastructure upon which it can also be envisaged that a diverse range of user orientated services will be deployed.

The principal contribution of this thesis is an agent augmented service provision framework for vehicular networks. This framework acts as a vector, through which the benefits of eCommerce can truly be brought to the vehicular market providing value added service for its users. The framework facilitates the rapid creation and deployment of localised and personalised services over an Intelligent Transportation System. Using the agent framework created in this work, a sample petrol sale service has been created. Through a process of testing and assessment, this service has been evaluated with the goals of viability and real world deployment in mind.

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