Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Business (Research)


Business & Social Studies

First Advisor

Ann Fitzgerald

Second Advisor

Dr. Clare Rigg


Do ethnic minority entrepreneurs (EMEs) seeking to start up a business in Ireland operate on a level playing field with their EU counterparts? Or are there unique barriers that EMEs face and if so, what are they and how do we tackle them?

This dissertation examines all of these questions and reveals whether racism or red tape, lack of finance or language skills is suffocating ethnic entrepreneurship more.

It explores the very latest research papers, and reports and combines both qualitative and quantitative data, with a series of semi-structured interviews and a questionnaire aimed squarely at entrepreneurs.

The dissertation discovers that EMEs do indeed face a number of unique barriers that prevent, impede and often stop them from starting up in business and the report concludes by making several recommendations on policy issues that will harness the power of EMEs for the benefit of the Irish economy.

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