Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


Cork Institute of Technology

First Advisor

Dr. Angela Wright


This study investigates dark tourism in the Irish context with international supporting research. Dark tourism is connected to sites of death, the macabre and suffering and there are many sites in Ireland that fit this description. Examples include prisons, famine sites, graveyards, sites of terrorist attacks and many more. In this document the term dark tourism is thoroughly researched via secondary sources to provide a foundation of understanding. By including this academic research from journals and books, the researcher is provided with the background information necessary to understand the importance of dark tourism and to identify gaps in knowledge suitable for further research.

This research informed the formation of a qualitative analysis through the medium of semi- structured interviews. These interviews were carried out with industry professionals and an academic working within the dark tourism field. The combination of academic and industry sources gave the research a depth of knowledge due to differing experiences with the dark tourism term. This blend of interviewees threw up interesting findings which advanced the current understanding of the relationship between the academic term dark tourism and the industry led perception of the term. 1 his observation formed the basis of recommendations, informed by the culmination of all research sources.

This study showcases Ireland's place within the dark tourism phenomenon and the potential future progression of Irish sites in this regard. If the rich history of this country is properly respected and utilised to bring international attention, the potential economic benefit could be significant, as supported by this document.

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