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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts (Research)


Cork Institute of Technology

First Advisor

Emmet Coffey

Second Advisor

Frank O'Donovan


The use of more innovated and interesting public relations techniques and media platforms have recently been more widely introduced into the common workplace. Recessionary times have made business life extremely difficult but the exploitation of more modern and unusual techniques have been helping organisations of today in combating the poor economic climate that currently exists. The use of reputation, branding and promotion is heightening the awareness of brands and attracting customers.

This debacle exists within the Horse Racing Industry as much as in any other industry and racecourse managers and PR managers have been witnessing the steady decline in attendance figures over the past few years. This study looks at 'How Irish Racecourses use PR Tactics and Promotional Tools to Improve Attendance Levels at Race Meetings' through a mixed method approach. The research process portrays the opinions and experiences of racecourse managers across the country - from Galway to Tramore. The study also looks at the HRTs (Horse Racing Irelands) involvement in the Industry and the Strategic Marketing Report issued in 2010.

The research findings illustrate how current racecourses use PR tactics and promotional tools to appeal to their intended publics and how they utilise reputation and branding to create a clear message and image for their individual organisations but also their industry as a whole.

Recommendations provided give an insight into the industry and its strengths and weaknesses from a racecourse manager's point of view. The final chapter outlines what industry personnel need to be doing to develop branding and reputation in order to improve attendance levels and strengthen participation within the industry.

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