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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


Continuing Education

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Dr. Angela Wright


This study is an examination of the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector in Ireland. As the speed of globalization intensifies, new demands are constantly being levied on the manufacturing sector. In order to maintain this very important sector in Ireland, the manufacturing industry must promote constant innovation, automation and specialization, specifically in niche areas where there is a requirement for specific specialized skills, and where the labor cost is not a prohibitive or fundamental issue.

Innovation has been a key success factor for the manufactures to date, and will continue to be an ai'ea of focus as competitive forces intensify. The need for constant change and the rapid adoption of emerging technology will be pre requisite to survival in such a competitive landscape. In Ireland as in other developed countries, many organisations are moving their manufacturing activities to lower cost economies. For Ireland to compete in a global industry, it is necessary to have a social-political environment that encourages and promotes business investments, education, value added skills and a competent public infrastructure.

This research is therefore, concerned with the sustainability of the Irish manufacturing sector. 'Fhis study investigates the impact of globalisation on this high profile sector. It analyses the emerging markets, the issues around escalating costs and the economic climate in which the Irish manufactures compete. This study explores the ability of the manufacturing industry to adapt to the new business environment, that has been created by increased globalisation, and if it is still possible to have a successful manufacturing base in Ireland.

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