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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


Department of Continuing Education

First Advisor

Dr. Angela Wright


This study is an examination and assessment of the effectiveness of outsourcing arrangements currently employed by a sample of multinational organisations operating in Ireland. Informed by previous research, this study employs field research in the form of interviews with experienced and successful practitioners in the outsourcing industry. The study responds to issues of focus, which include the analysis of benefits of outsourcing programs, barriers to achieving outsourcing benefits and identification of unexpected or indirect impacts of outsourcing. This research highlights that from the perspective of operating from a small open economy, outsourcing is one strategy that organisations are increasingly adopting in attempting to ensure that they have increasing differentiation to stay ahead of the competition, to provide more added value for the customer and ultimately have the option to charge a premium price.

A significant finding of this study reveals the strategic long-term business perspectives of companies as the primary motivating factor for an organisation to engage in an outsourcing aiTangement, rather than cost considerations. The findings from this research identify knowledge and experience gaps within the organisation, this reflects on their ability to maximize the full benefits and opportunities from an outsourcing arrangement. In addition, significant concerns around performance tracking and measurements of outsourcing programs are also highlighted. The findings of this research identify organisational culture and communications as playing an extremely important, if often underrated, role in contributing to successful outsourcing arrangement.

To further the intention, evident in policy circles in particular, of supporting the development of the limited base of indigenous Irish companies, this research indicates the depth of experience and knowledge of outsourcing available in Ireland. This study explores the significance of an outsourcing arrangement and examines the insights from such practitioner experience in outsourcing and from further related research, which should play a central role in supporting the competitiveness and business development of indigenous companies.

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