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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


Department of Adult and Continuing Education

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Dr. Angela Wright


This current research study is an examination of the impact on business in Cork City that the building of a Conference Ireland will have. It examines the current Conference Centre facilities available in Ireland and the imperative need for such a facility to be built in Cork to ensure that business in the City grows. This research study presents the ideas, estimations and beliefs of respected individuals that have a vested interest in the building of a Conference Centre in Cork City. There are a number of challenges facing the Docklands region, the proposed site of a Conference Centre with a capacity in excess of 5,000 people. Challenges include infrastructure concerns and economic concerns. This study also highlights the significant employment boost that the building of such a facility will bring to Cork City, adding value to the economy and encouraging substantial business tourism into the South-West region of the country.

A significant finding of this study is that, if Cork does not build a large multi-purpose Conference Centre, the City will not be able to attract large concerts and conferences to the region. If the facility is built, it will have a positive impact on business tourists and visitor numbers in general visiting the city resulting in the local economy benefiting financially. Another prominent discovery of this research is that the proposed development of the Eastern Gateway Bridge, that will provide direct access from the Northern and Eastern parts of the City, is critical to the future development of the Conference Centre in Cork’s Docklands region.

This body of research identifies the difficulties facing Cork City were a Conference Centre not to be built, while identifying the importance of it being built. This study identifies other locations in Ireland that have benefited from the facility of a Conference Centre being available, the number of visitors that it brings to a region and the financial contribution that attendees of conferences and concerts contribute to a region.

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