Date of Award


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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


Accounting & Information Systems

First Advisor

Sylvia Dempsey


The last decade has been a lime of continuous rapid change in the business environment. To survive in this environment, organisations have had to become more competitive and customer focussed. The promised benefits of integrated systems made their implementation a popular attempt at achieving success in the private sector. The implementation process for, and the benefits of integrated systems in the private sector are well documented.

Integrated systems are still a relatively new phenomenon in the public sector. The researcher was working, as an accountant, in Cork County Council, when it was tendering for and implementing a new integrated system. Very’ little has been written on the implementation of integrated systems in the public sector. Practically nothing has been written on the role of the accountant in this process. Recognising these gaps, and having the opportunity to act as a participant obseiwer, the researcher decided this would he a worthy area of research. This study is an exploratory^ case study examining the influence of the accountants in the implementation of an integrated system in Cork County Council.

A review of the existing literature identified ten eritical factors necessaiy to ensure that integrated systems are implemented successfully and seven key faetors contributing to the influence of the accountant in that process. These are linked in a matrix which highlights the importance of the accountant in the implementation of integrated systems and forms the theoretical framework for the rest of the study.

In Cork County Council the accountants were instrumental figures in the successful implementation of an integrated system. The accountants were committed and involved in the implementation process from initiation to completion. Their traditional skills in accounting and analysis, combined with their modern softer skills, strong business acumen and knowledge of technology, made them valuable members of the implementation team.

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