Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Engineering (Research)


Department of Electronic Engineering

First Advisor

Fergus O'Reilly


Enterprise level system development, integrating a broad range of arctures and legacy systems, has received significant attention over the last few yentegrated chain management, which allows companies to see their full manufactu inventory and sales channels, has driven much of this work. Delivering quality IP 1 wireless access is forcing similar integration in 2.5G and 3G telecom archires. Such integration has resulted in the emergence of multi-protocol heterogeneietworks, combining IP core backbones, legacy databases and switchinghnology. Heterogeneous networks, due to their diversity of equipment and suppoDrotocols, introduce challenges for today's network administrators, particularly ii areas of device configuration and alarm management. The Web Based Enterprisaagement (WBEM) initiative established a management architecture, based on a nendardised information model, to reduce the complexity involved in managing ogeneous networks. This thesis will examine the development of a multi-tiered ogeneous management application based on the Java2 Enterprise Edition, with \M as the interface to the legacy and mixed protocol architectures. The managemiamework will be capable of managing devices and detecting alarms generated withiimulated heterogeneous management network, encompassing SNMP and CMIP ag(

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