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Master Thesis

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Masters of Science (Research)


Institute of Technology Tralee

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Helen Fitzgerald


The growth of virtual learning environments (VLE) and learning management systems (LMS) in the European and British educational sector is a trend that is continuing to grow. There are indications that education in Ireland will follow a similar trend. This study investigated whether a curriculum aligned multimedia application in a MOODLE VLE encouraged students to improve their scores in the standardized tests, in particular the primary school SIGMA-T test. Participants’ attitude and self-efficacy in relation to maths were also included in the study.

The areas of learning and in particular e-leaming in the context of a VLE were researched. As part of the study the local Education Centre was approached and a pilot project was set up. The participants were set up on the MOODLE VLE and a number of relevant mathematical games were incorporated in the module. The Digimaths product was developed based on the Irish primary school curriculum’s aims and objectives for a section of the curriculum strand, Shape and Space. This product was uploaded on to the MOODLE VLE. A number of data collection techniques were used, including pre-tests, post-tests, standardised tests, notation, interviews and an evaluative questionnaire.

The results of the research undertaken, suggest that a multimedia product designed to meet the curriculum objectives does impact maths attainment. There was an increase of 6.6% in the participants class mean for STEN scores. The participants’ self-efficacy and attitude towards mathematics improved and a correlation between improved attitude towards maths and increased self-efficacy is indicated. Collaborative learning took place with over 50% of participants reporting been assisted or assisting in the project. Constraints of the study were the limited time factor and the non-probability nature of the sample.

The findings are significant as the two government reports just published in July 2008 confirm that the some of the recommendations for 2008 - 2013 for schools give credence to the research.


M.Sc. Educational Technologies.

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