Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Masters of Science (Research)


Institute of Technology Tralee

First Advisor

Mr. Paul Collins


Many lecturers today want to move past passive learning to active learning, to find better ways of engaging students in the learning process. Since most groups of individuals have a variety of learning styles, the lecture material needs to be presented in a variety of ways. With the introduction of web-based learning and e-leaming, lecturers can use a variety of teaching methods with their students.

This study will focus on what is required to balance the ‘E’ with the ‘learning’ skills and ‘teaching’ skills. Too often there is more emphasis placed on the ‘E’ aspect with little consideration given to the learning and teaching abilities of staff and students.

IT Tralee are leading the way in the Institute of Technology sector nationally by pioneering the WebCT system as a tool to enhance the learning experience. This study will also focus on the use and effectiveness of WebCT within the college.

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