Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Masters of Science (Research)


Computing and Mathematics

First Advisor

Mr. John Brosnan


For the most part, the Killarney National Park (KNP) currently disseminates information to visitors in paper format and by word of mouth in a non-coherent fashion. Society as a whole is moving towards an Information Age delivered through an electronic medium. This project aims to facilitate the KNP in delivering a new electronically presented information experience to its global visitors.

Electronic media facilitate the delivery of in-depth multimedia as well as multilingual information. This information will be made available on demand to visitors and delivered through a variety of media including information points and handheld devices to facilitate the various needs of the Park visitor. These delivery media will also enable information to be distributed at multiple locations throughout the Park as opposed to the present situation where information for the total Park visitor population is centrally delivered for the most part from Muckross House.

This report discusses in detail the infrastructure required to deliver this new mode of information delivery at KNP. This will include both the hardware and software infrastructure. The hardware infrastructure focuses on integrating traditional Ethernet LAN topologies with new Spread Spectrum Wireless technologies. The software aspects of the project focus on combining commercial off the shelf operational software with custom developed software that will eventually deliver the multimedia-based information to the visitor.

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