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Master Thesis

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Masters of Science (Research)


Department of Computer Science

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John Creagh


Online cloud computing courses are becoming more common place facilitating a student to study from home from anywhere in the world. Coupled with this trend is a need for educational institutions to facilitate students to take tests or exams online from home. It reduces the remote student’s time and cost of travel to an exam invigilation centre as well as reducing the educational institution’s test administration overhead. It does however introduce potential quality control concerns. A new industry called online proctoring has emerged that attempts to provide quality control in these online test scenarios.

This research provides an insight into the vendors and the mechanics of online proctoring. It also looks at why students cheat and whether cheating is more prevalent online. The research outlines how IT vendors, who offer online courses, test and mitigate the cheating threat in their certification programs.

Presenting online proctoring in a structured framework is the second theme in which a categorization of proctoring terminology is presented. Quality control considerations are researched. A CIT investigative case study on potential online proctoring solutions for a complex cloud based virtual hands on lab scenario is also considered.


Consists of 2 volumes.

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