Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Business (Research)


School of Business

First Advisor

Dr. Angela Wright


This research is undertaken as part of the researcher’s efforts to achieve a Masters Degree in Business from Cork Institute of Technology. The research topic of Electric Vehicles in Ireland and the concentration on those vehicles exclusively or primarily powered by battery was prompted by interest and curiosity, but with a significant undertone of concern for the environment, all of which led to the research question: Electric Vehicles in Ireland: the past, the present, and the future?

It was not possible to start with a complete void and therefore initially assumptions were made, particularly that serious environmental damage arises from carbon emissions with a significant contribution from petrol and diesel powered motor vehicles and that a switch to battery powered vehicles was likely to alleviate the environmental problem. Secondary research was completed starting from this subject and others, followed by exploring the topic of Electric Vehicles, particularly in an Irish context. Primary research was undertaken largely applying quantitative methods, involving the use of a survey to Electric Vehicle users in Ireland and an analysis of its results.

The findings, so long as the assumed environmental benefit of Electric Vehicles holds true, support the view that a switch to Electric Vehicles will tend to alleviate the problem of emissions and that there is a future for Electric Vehicles in Ireland. This future, however, is subject to what may emerge over a longer period of experience with these vehicles and the outcome of further research suggested at the end of this work. That future depends also on, whether by maintenance of government incentives or pricing policies, the possibility for users or potential users to see a material advantage and not to be put off by poor charging infrastructure.

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