Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Engineering (Research)


Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Joe Harrington


This research thesis examines the various aspects of fluvial sediment transport with a particular emphasis on bed load transport. Sediment is a dynamic, essential and important part of Ireland’s river basins. The collection of sediment transport data is very important as it can help prevent flooding, improve water quality, protect ecology and assist cities and towns in future planning. At the moment there is no legislation dedicated exclusively to sediment but it does interface with a range of other pieces of legislation including the Water Framework Directive.

This literature review studies sediment transport. There is a particular emphasis on the properties and processes involved in the sediment that is part of a river’s morphology. Sediment management is also discussed with a particular emphasis on legislative fields which have a direct impact on sediment in rivers. An important part of this thesis is sediment transport and the two dominant forms of sediment transport are discussed; suspended load and bed load transport. Numerical modelling is also a fundamental part of this report and this is discussed in detail. Modelling software packages will be reviewed so that the main aim of this thesis can be achieved.

The River Bandon will be modelled in this thesis. There has been a lot of research of suspended sediment transport in this river in recent years, there has been little on bed load transport which is the primary focus. Information and data such as river flow and water levels will be researched so that the bed load data that is recorded can be modelled. The locations where sampling will take place will be examined. There is potential for bed load transport in the river and this can be visually observed. A review of the procedures and testing that will stem from the sampling in the laboratory will also be documented. Stephen

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