Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Masters of Science (Research)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Mr. Jim O'Dwyer

Second Advisor

Prof. Udo Bleimann


The thesis research proposed herein will model, analyse and implement strategies for the development of personalised services. The goal of the research work is to design and implement a framework which supports developers by minimising the effort required in implementing personalised services. This includes the ability to react to localisation changes and to present proper information. An overall design goal is the independency of most components from each other which will be attained through the use of standard technologies and protocols and the consistent use of a component model. The result will include the proposed framework and the analyses of several existing projects and products which might be included in the project in exchange of a developed component. As a proof of concept, a prototype application will be developed, that demonstrates the basic functionality of the proposed framework. During the research work the focus of this thesis has slightly changed. At the beginning the main focus was the internal communication and the architecture - in particular the backend connectivity. Since there are already some approaches and systems that help at backed connectivity problem, the focus is now on the personalisation part of the framework. The personalisation aspect turned out to be the most interesting part and something that it is worth advancing since it is a relatively new approach and is not yet a standard aspect of the current IT world.

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