Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Masters of Science (Research)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Jeanne Stynes


There is an architectural deficit in most currently undertaken rich client applications: In n-tier applications the presentation layer is represented as a single layer. This is as true of browser-based rich clients (Rich Internet Applications) as of rich desktop clients since both are designed along component-based, event-driven lines. The result of creating rich clients without sufficient application architecture underpinning is often tightly-coupled code of unnecessary complexity, with the associated high cost of maintenance. No commonly understood pattern is currently evident that would allow rich client components to be combined into a loosely coupled application. This paper describes the theory and application of an architecture that proposes to address these deficits. The proposed architecture extends MVC by adding an Application Layer (hence AMVC - Application Model View Controller). The extra layer removes the causes of inter-component coupling, identified as part of this thesis.

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