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Master Thesis

Degree Name

Masters of Science (Research)


Applied Physics & Instrumentation

First Advisor

Dr. Guillaume Huyet


Surface emitting lasers are a competitive and flexible alternative to edge emitting lasers. The surface-emitting laser has many useful characteristics, which make it beneficial for many applications. These characteristics include the ease of testing during the growth and the fundamental mode output that is effortlessly achieved

The thesis is focused on the Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Laser due to its increased flexibility beyond that of the Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser. A wide range of possible parameters are detailed allowing for flexibility in design and applications.

Optically pumped pulsed cavity configurations were investigated in relation to intra-cavity devices and mode-locking. The ring cavity was found to be of particularly interest in regard to mode-locking as the cavity had two outputs with different characteristics but the same frequency as set the cavity length.

Achieving continuous wave (CW) pumped mode-locked output would require excellent temperature control. This was investigated thoroughly with a variety of temperature control techniques culminating in lasing with a CW pumped simple cavity. The techniques developed during the investigation included substrate removal, detuned material and highly thermally conductive windows. Applying these to the mode-locked ring cavity devices would require further development of the temperature control techniques.


A thesis submitted for the degree of Masters of Science.

Applied Physics and Instrumentation

Photonic Device Dynamics Group

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