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Master Thesis

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Master of Business


Adult & Continuing Education

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Dr. Margaret Linehan


This study is an examination of the factors which influence the success or failure of the tourism industry in Ireland. This research incorporates the views, opinions, and commentaries of leading figures in each sector of importance for this key industry within the Irish economy. An examination of various bodies charged with the management of the Irish tourism industry, since its inception as a recognised commercial entity, is included in this study. This research highlights the confusion that has surrounded the constitution, mandate, and nomenclature of these national management bodies in recent times.

A significant finding of this study is that, irrespective of marketing budgets and strategies, the Irish tourist industry is keenly susceptible to sudden reverses in fortune as a result of unexpected changes to local or global conditions, especially when such occurrences create a perception of danger to personal health and safety. Recent difficulties, such as the Foot and Mouth epidemic and the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, in the USA, have challenged the efforts of those responsible for promoting and managing the Irish tourist industry. This study illustrates how unforeseen circumstances adversely affect the marketing of Ireland as a tourist destination.

In an international context, this research confirms the predominant importance of the North American visitor to the economy of Ireland and the vulnerability of the industry when potential tourists are discouraged through their changing domestic circumstances or, by any negative media images of Ireland abroad. This research explores the challenges now facing Tourism Ireland Limited and other sectors responsible for the destination marketing of Ireland.

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