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Master Thesis

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Masters of Science (Research)


Centre for Advanced Photonics and Process Analysis

First Advisor

Dr. AnneMarie McCarthy

Second Advisor

Dr. Liam Lewis

Third Advisor

Dr. Ken Reynolds


This project was centred around the development of the optical components, and the optimisation of the optical performance, of ProPhotonix Ltd’s Cobra Cure FX series of products. These are high irradiance, high dose, UVA (primarily 395 nm and 365 nm) Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps designed for curing applications. An initial prototype developed by ProPhotonix, the smallest in the series, the FX1, underwent significant redesign throughout the project, and the two larger lamps, the FX2 and the FX3 were developed during the course of the project. This work primarily consisted in characterising, accurately modelling, and thereby refining, the optical reflector design for each of the lamps, but also involved investigating the suitability of microlenses for use with the product. and characterising a free-form TIR lens for use with LED line-lights (paper under review for publication). It was found that, given the constraints of the FX series mechanical design, microlenses would not offer any advantages over reflectors and rod lenses. The reflector optimisation work led to the development of three major light-head types, the D4, DW and Cl, to offer maximum beam control, dose, and irradiance respectively. Some work was also done on a real-time feedback system for monitoring the lamp’s lifetime degradation status, and for detecting any build-up of material on the outer optical surface of the lamp. The work led to a series of reflector design constraints that were implemented across the series of products, as well as a heightened understanding of the impact that small changes in efficiency can have on the overall lamp performance, and the new optical design parameters are now integrated into all commercial Cobra Cure FX series products.


Ciara O’Hara,

CAPPA, Cork Institute of Technology,

& ProPhotonix Irl, Ltd.

A thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Science in Physics.

Academic supervisors: Dr. AnneMarie McCarthy & Dr. Liam Lewis.

Employment mentor: Dr. Ken Reynolds.

Submitted to Cork Institute of Technology, September 2018.

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