Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

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Master of Arts


Media Communications

First Advisor

Mr. Emmett Coffey

Second Advisor

Mr. Frank O'Donovan


This study is concerned with analysing the integration of public relations and marketing practices currently being undertaken by various organisations in Ireland. The concept of integrated marketing communication has been debated in the literature and in organisations for many decades.

This study employs both primary and secondary research methods on gathering findings that focus on the increasingly fundamental role of public relations in marketing initiatives, and highlights the areas where conflict and tension exist. These conflicting areas are having a negative effect on organisations maximising from this integration.

This research gathered both public relations and marketing perceptions on how the integration process is to be implemented and it also examines areas to see if integration has been taking place. The findings from the research identify areas of conflict as well as synergies that exist between both disciplines.

A significant finding is that marketing professions are not only integrating corporate public relations, but are now also deploying consumer public relations initiatives into their strategies. Stakeholders are now demanding organisations to be more responsible and ethical, and marketing campaigns are now being integrated into corporate social responsibility programmes.

The success of the integration relies heavily on organisational culture and on the emphasis that management and marketing professionals place on public relations.

An unexpected area of discussion was the use of consultancy services for public relations and the failure of such companies to adapt to the current economic climate. A further elaboration outlined that Ireland is not as progressive in this area as its European counterparts.


A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of: MA in Public Relations with New Media.

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