Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Masters of Science (Research)


Manufacturing, Biomedical & Facilities Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Keith Bryan

Second Advisor

Mr. James Harty


Aseptic loosening is a very costly complication of joint arthroplasty, both in terms of patient quality of life and financially. One potential contributing factor in its development - namely the use of hydrogen peroxide as an effervescent haemostatic agent - was investigated in this study. Clean bone cement samples and samples contaminated with 6% hydrogen peroxide were manufactured and stored either in room air or normal saline prior to testing. Thus four sample types were tested (clean stored wet or dry and contaminated stored wet or dry). Static (tension to failure) and fatigue testing was performed. Analysis was carried out using Stata 8.2 and alternate models compared using a Likelihood Ratio test with statistical significance defined as p


By John M. Guerin MB, BCh, BAG, BMedSc, AFRCSl, MCh

Thesis presented for the degree of Master of Science, Department of Manufacturing, Biomedical and Facilities Engineering, Cork Institute of Technology.

Project Supervisors: Engineering: Dr. Keith Bryan Orthopaedic: Mr. James Harty Submitted to Cork Institute of Technology September 2010

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